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We've known each other a long time. We've played a lot of songs.

We've played in other bands. Now we play what we want. Rock & Roll,

Ballads, Blues, Motown , Funk and Alternative. It makes no difference.

Whatever we play, we play because in our concrete jungle, the natives

are restless. They want to swing. They want to dance. They want to

rock. And we pick the best. Our favorites. Modern and classic. And we

play for survival. It's in our hearts and in our souls. You'll know when

the first note is played. We are The Party Monkeys and we play

for keeps in our part of the jungle.

Tim Baird: Vocals
Howie Baldwin: Guitar
Rodney Bollinger: Guitar
Courtney Guyon: Sax
Rusty Boden: Keys

Steve Locke: Bass
Glenn Caldwell: Drums